From Unaccustomed Earth


Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil. My children have had other birthplaces, and, so far as their fortunes may be within my control, shall strike their roots into unaccustomed earth”

-Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In Being You…


Do you ever feel like putting a copyright notice on your thoughts, and, maybe, your dreams? Do you come across real people with amazing dreams? Do you come across people who show no interest in your dreams until you find out your dreams on their social networking statuses? Continue reading


The City


The City by C.P. Cavafy

You said: “I’ll go to another country, go to another shore,
find another city better than this one.
Whatever I try to do is fated to turn out wrong
and my heart lies buried as though it were something dead.
How long can I let my mind moulder in this place?
Wherever I turn, wherever I happen to look,
I see the black ruins of my life, here,
where I’ve spent so many years, wasted them, destroyed them totally.”
You won’t find a new country, won’t find another shore.
This city will always pursue you. You will walk
the same streets, grow old in the same neighborhoods,
will turn gray in these same houses.
You will always end up in this city. Don’t hope for things elsewhere:
there is no ship for you, there is no road.
As you’ve wasted your life here, in this small corner,
you’ve destroyed it everywhere else in the world. 

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Fanatics, Football, Finals

World Cup Football1

Almost everyone in my family and friend circle studied Science. Many of them are art lovers, painters, singers, dancers, movie-addicts, foodies, song-admiring people. And all of them are sports fans. My dad, brother and husband love watching all kind of sports. When Olympic happens they admire swimming, tennis and figure skating all at the same time, giving each one same importance. Love deserves attention and importance, right?
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My Life in Six Songs…

cracks and lyrics

I love this quote. You know, you come across certain words and wonder if the writer knew you well enough before making you immortal on his words! Okay, then this quote was written on me! I have my days when I listen to instrumentals to fill some void. I have those days when a known song brings newer meaning to life, as if it was written on my life. Music and lyrics. They are always present in my very much multi-tasking life. Either on music player or on headphones. All the time. Continue reading


A Window With A View


When I wait outside a big corporate building, or when I am stuck in traffic in a corporate neighborhood surrounded by pricey cars and tall skyscrapers, I often look up to find a window, an open window. A window that connects some dots of some vagabond minds and the outside world.

Sometimes I can visualize a person waiting impatiently in one of those closed, air-conditioned cars, scrolling up and down his phone screen to connect with someone. I can imagine someone inside a windowless cubicle in one of those skyscrapers, trying to connect with a real person on every browser, on every opened web window, on every social networking site, to talk, to pour his heart out. We all want to connect with each other, no matter where we are- skyscrapers or lost in a deep forest or awestruck somewhere else. Continue reading


One Day, All Of A Sudden

Sunset in the clouds

 “One day all of a sudden we all have to go. We go to make space for good things, better human beings. But that does not mean life will stop for you. Remember work is life, dream is life, not stopping ever is life. We’ll be alive in your thoughts and stories,” my grandmother told me. I remember, I didn’t understand anything, except the part “One day, we all have to go,” which made me cry. I was in my pre-teen years and my grandparents were the grandest part of my life then. Continue reading


San Francisco: One Afternoon on Tiled Steps


It was one foggy Thursday in San Francisco yesterday, we both completed an important work and had the rest of the day free. 

While sitting inside the busy Starbucks, I was browsing on internet to find a place to go, to give my eyes rest, somewhere without wifi and all connectivity, somewhere close to nature. Travelling around 20 miles was not an option since the next day, Friday, was not a holiday.  And then just when I almost decided to spend the rest of the day at some cafe in Sausalito, my husband drove me to this place. Continue reading


Living In Questions


“Why” is my favorite word when I deal with my love for Science and mathematics. “Why” opens many new ways to reach a conclusion for the final answer; “Why” makes me think of another magical word “How” and together they help me to cross every boundary that my knowledge drew for itself. Continue reading


This too shall pass


Towards dipsea

“Gam zeh ya’avor” is a Hebrew phrase meaning “This too shall pass”. I don’t remember where exactly I read about it for the first time, but it remained one of my most favorite lines during too happy or too tedious days. I love old fables with eternal lessons. Being a multi-lingual I have that advantage; I could fly to ancient books of many cultures and learn things to carry forward in life. Continue reading


That Favorite Spot


We all have a favorite place: a place to go back, a place to cry an ocean, a place to sit and ponder, a place to have the regular milky tea, a place to wander. For some of us that place is somewhere near Mom’s kitchen, in anticipation of a lovely childhood that comes back each time we go home. For some of us, it’s that corner of nostalgia that every camera and every piece of paper forgot to capture. For some of us, it’s that beach where we walk miles even with an injured leg and a cured heart. For some of us, it’s that regular shop where we discuss family matters for the past 40 years and enjoy fleeting nirvana. Continue reading