Of Places Or Faces..

new leaves

April is almost ending. I still cannot believe the fact that the first quarter of the year vanished; and I believe that next three months will be too hot to slow down, they will melt quickly to the summer sky to get ready for another autumn again.

Yesterday while waiting inside our parked car I noticed the tree [in the above picture], that green branch and that tiny happy shadow on the wall. I clicked that moment and thought of making a gratitude list for my present. Continue reading


Wordless Wednesday: The Door

The door


Last weekend we went out to test our photography skills at a place that is famous among flower-loving photographers, or lets call them flower-photography loving people.
On a sunny day, it doesn’t look like spring anymore – it’s summer in my side of the world;  we clicked all flowers, specially tulips in season. Continue reading


In the modern world..

Birds in the bay

Saturday 1 PM:

I enter the big, nicely lit phone store.

I am here because I accidentally laundry-washed my phone. A day without a phone really is a bliss. I know it. I have felt it numerous times. I wish my parents were living with me. I wish they did not have to feel anxiety and worries that were six thousand miles long when my phone died.

I wish the world was not bigger than my little happy home. Continue reading


Photography: Street Life


I am not a huge fan of street photography; I don’t have any issue with the genre particularly; I am not just comfortable in clicking unknown people’s faces without their consent as well as I do not want to be in someone’s photographs when I am happily walking on a busy street minding my own business. Continue reading



A Journey Called Life Sunset

Once in a while I check the comments section of my blog to read people’s words and our old discussions; on my blurred days, those positive, good words bring lots of happiness. Knowing how frequently I fall for words, it is wonderful that our published words do not vanish into nothingness unlike words of real world; they are stored somewhere and always accessible. Continue reading