Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Plum Blossom

“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
― Vincent van Gogh

Most of the times, I don’t carry a big camera while taking a hike in the nature.  However, I come across all hidden wonders as soon the man-made world vanishes – a photogenic wild flower, a hidden stream, cherry blossoms out of no where, a rainbow behind the lush green mountain, a small island with only two swans, or a squirrel squinting at a pine cone. They all are inspiring, truly. Most of my favorite photographs are from those expeditions. Continue reading


Better Dialogues

no u turn

We all are here to share some stories,

Stories that make life

And break inner demons.

There are tea cups, and flavored

Tea leaves pretending to offer contentment.

Someone claims, Contentment is ubiquitous.

A storm threats from the dusky cloud,

I wonder if the sky feels content

When it rains alone before dry souls. Continue reading